Understanding Sharps

Company Objectives

  • The company shall at all times provide customers professional and service excellence, and shall ensure that quality and company integrity is not compromised.
  • The company shall implement, promote and administer good safety and quality assurance policies in accordance with the requirements of the government of Botswana.
  • The company shall employ and introduce into the industry the best technology available to our industry and comply with the standards that are applicable in Botswana.

The company shall adopt good management practices ensuring:

i) We have a clear understanding of our customer’s needs and requirements.
ii) Promote and develop good customer relationships.
iii) A management structure that will promote and ensure the efficient execution of projects in accordance with the Conditions of Contract applicable from time to time, that will result in value for money to the customer and an equitable financial reward to the company.

  • It is company policy to promote Citizen Empowerment Policies whenever possible by employing and training Botswana Citizens.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to all our employees & temporary staff at all our business offices.

We are committed to working only with contractors and sub-contractors whose standards are consistent with our own. This does include joint ventures, alliance partners, customers and suppliers.

Our managers are responsible for providing leadership and support for their teams to understand the requirements of this code and how they are to be applied in practice.

Rules are only guidelines for us. Our code requires you to think and if there is ever any Doubt ASK your line manager for advice to enable one to follow the spirit of our code.

Failure to comply with our Code of Conduct which damage our reputation will result in significant fines and penalties and even criminal liability to the individual or the company.

Failure to comply with our Code of Conduct will result in corrective disciplinary action including termination of employment.

False Claim

Our Principle

We will not claim for something we are not entitled to.

Our Interpretation

  • If we claim for something we do not honestly believe we are due
  • If we deliberately misrepresent or inaccurately record time spent or materials consumed
  • Deliberately and intentionally conceal defects for the benefit of our business.

We shall take care when preparing

  • Payment Applications
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Loss & Expense Claims
  • Variation Orders
  • Interim and Final estimates, valuations and measurements

Checklist for our Documentation

  • Have I Claimed all I should?
  • Have I been Open, Honest and transparent?
  • Can I support my claim with documentary evidence?



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